Lightquest green policy

Lightquest endeavours to operate within an environmentally friendly framework. Our events are generally in locations of outstanding natural beauty and every attempt is made to minimise the impact on the environment.

Set Pieces and Props.

The production industry has a fairly bad reputation for building complex set pieces and discarding them at the event. Lightquest has operated a policy of reusing set elements from one event to another. Many of our set pieces are rebuilt or given a makeover and appear in a different guise in the next event. At the end of the event set elements that are too large to keep intact are broken down and the materials stored for future use.


With all of our events we use a huge amount of power. Our events are heavily based on the creative use of light. Several kilometres of route requires thousands of light bulbs to make the routes safe and this is unavoidable. However we approach the route lighting with the environment in mind. Where possible low wattage bulbs are used. Increasingly LED light sources are used with extremely low power consumption. We have developed systems whereby one kilometre of route lighting only requires 2kw of power. Low energy Light bulbs are used where ever possible. This approach reduces our carbon footprint but also reduces our power requirements and also reduces our power costs so everyone benefits.


Lightquest uses many different types of equipment. We are constantly monitoring the wider industry with regards to energy efficiency equipment. It is in our own interest to adopt these new technologies as the new technologies can provide considerable savings with regards to power.

Human Footprint.

With several thousand people walking along the same route there is obviously an impact and we can’t escape that. However there are steps that can be taken to minimise that impact. Prior to the event routes are assessed and areas that are deemed fragile are assessed and measures are taken to protect and bolster those areas. At the end of the event the routes are examined and repairs made. We generally leave the site in a better state than when we arrived.

Litter and waste.Lightfest - a spectacular festival of light surrounding an illuminated walk at the Valley of Rocks, Lynton and Lynmouth, Devon

Thousands of people in one place always create some litter and waste. Previous events have shown us that our audiences are also environmentally aware. Every event employs a team of ‘litter pickers’ who re-walk the routes collecting litter as they go. 6000 people at Lightquest our first event produced just 1 sack of litter and even that wasn’t full. Dreamwalk with 25000 walkers produced just 4.

At our events we do not allow food or drink vendors to use plastic or polystyrene containers or glasses. Paper cups and cardboard vessels are used where appropriate.