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Preparations for Dreamwalk are already under way - and there are many ways that you can help
As this is a charity fund-raising event, it's success is heavily dependent on the active input of volunteers and sponsors
Almost a hundred local people have already committed their time to the project, but we still need more
The involvement of large numbers of volunteers is crucial to maintaining the impact of the event, and keeping costs down, so that the Hospice maximises it's benefit
Involvement is not just limited to individuals - businesses, community groups, schools and colleges and many other organisations all have something special to offer towards making this event successful and rewarding
We need people to partake in all aspects of this project - from publicity and marketing, through prop-making and site-preparation to event management and performers
We need people now - for preparatory work, as well as 'on the night'
Trail Team  On the weekend of the event, several hundred people will be required to act as event guides, hosts, marshals and safety captains. We also require ticket checkers, programme sellers and other site assistants.  If you are over 16 years old and wish to contribute to the Hospice appeal but can only spare one or two evenings this is an ideal opportunity to become a valuable part of the team. Trail Team members need to be fit, well mannered, reliable and honest. All team members will receive refreshments on the night and gain access to see the event during the weekend
Light-club Your chance to get back-stage with other volunteers interested in creating the illuminated trail and hill figures , special effects and other aspects of technical production. This volunteer group will meet on a regular basis in the weeks preceding the event. Applicants need to be physically fit and prepared to take part in creative, design and manual construction  work. Applicants can be male or female and must be at least 14 years and over. Several training workshops will be held to enable all to gain practical experience within a safe working working environment. This is an ideal opportunity to see hidden parts of the estate and rub shoulders with and learn from 'the professionals'

In addition, we need (specifically for the event nights) a team of experienced electricians to help with the management of generators, lighting and associated equipment. We also need plumbers, carpenters and rural construction skills - fencing, hedge-laying, path-clearing etc.  As there are going to be a number of animals on-site for the show, we'd also like to find a vet or two.

Supporters Club Publicity and Marketing ticket selling, awareness champions,  posterers and flyers, road-show and info points, mail-shots, press-stunts, media events
Sponsorship determined, thick-skinned enthusiasts that won't take no for an answer - to assist in tracking down sources of money , people, equipment and goods-in-kind
Crew & Performer Catering sandwich and tea/coffee makers for workshops and the event team during the preparations and the event period
Transport & Logisitics people to move/collect/deliver equipment and crew before and after the event.  If it's got wheels, we need it - vans, tractors, 4x4s, pickups, quad-bikes, trailers, horse boxes, diggers, minibuses - and drivers for them!
Costumes and make-up prior to the event, we need a team to help design and make costumes.  On the night we will need make-up artistes, stylists and dressers
Event Archivist(s) we want to create a detailed, permanent record of the event, so we need - Photographers, Video and sound-recording team and reporters
Historian / researcher / writer we would like to bring together as much information as possible about the history and culture of Castle Hill, to create a factual booklet that can be sold in aid of the Hospice
Artistes, musicians and performers

The trail will be brought to life by a series of 'discovery points'.  At various points, music and dance will play an integral role in telling our story.

As well as musicians, we will require actors/performers to take part in tableaux-style features.  We require a diverse assortment of skills to achieve our goals.

Actors and mime-artistes lead roles and support roles required
Extras no skills required (to make up our crowd scenes).  You will need to wear a costume
Dancers Country / Morris / Strict-tempo ballrom
Circus performers Fire eaters / jugglers / jesters
Period re-enactment troupes  
Horse-riders preferably with horse & transport
Musicians We are looking for a diverse collection of talented musicians.  Our event will encompass music from many different historical periods and styles.  Whatever you play, we are interested in hearing from you - whether as a solo performer, or as part of a larger group.
Wandering 'minstrels'  
String quartet  
Choir(s) small and large- possibly prepared to sing un-accompanied or to a sound-track. Male-voice / Choral / Childrens / Madrigals / Chanting
Solo singers any style
Gatsby-era (1920s?) jazz band  
Tribal drummers  
Didgeridoo players  
Ceilidh band  
Harpist / flute / lyrist / whistle player / fiddle / folk / guitar / lute / crumhorn / accordian / tambor / bag-pipes / Uillean pipes etc
Special attractions For our special attractions, we would like to find -
penny-farthing cycle with rider
sedan chair(s)  
coach and horses preferably with transport
horse and cart-horse preferably with transport
old-tyme fair-ground attractions round-about / helter-skelter / coconut-shy
fairground organ  
punch and judy show  
falconers with birds of prey
period cricket players preferably 2 clubs
steam traction engine with saw / thresher etc
vintage cars 20s and 50s with period drivers/occupants
rare-breeds pigs/sheep/goats/cattle

You, or your company / organisation can be an event sponsor also, or you can loan / donate goods and services

Please Email the event co-ordinator Julie Whitton if you think you can help with any of this!

Before you contact Julie, please try and fill out the helpers details form - thanks.

Do it NOW - the preparation work for Dreamwalk has already started - please don't wait until the summer to offer your support or assistance

Volunteers will be given a name and password that will allow access to the 'show' area of this web-site at  This is where you will be able to find out details of the various workshops and events. 

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