LightQuest SouthWest 2003 presents
dreamwalk - 'The Trail'

LightQuest events are designed to bring an open-minded audience out into the countryside at dusk, and into the night.  Many people, whether from town or country, have never experienced the outdoor landscape at night.  Indeed, many people have never experienced real darkness!

Dreamwalk comprises an illuminated walk along a 'discovery trail'.  The walks take circular routes, with the longest route taking around three hours to complete.  Even the long walk is suitable for all ages and abilities and will not be too physically demanding.  The 'family' and 'easy' routes will be shorter and less demanding.

Along the routes, we will create a series of animations that challenge the way we perceive our landscape and surrounding world.  By making references to history, culture and the environment, Dreamwalk will create a journey of discovery that will take our participants through a range of emotions and experiences.

The use of darkness, distance and scale allows to create an all-involving experience including elements of theatre, son-et-lumiere, spectacle and music.

Throughout our journey, different narratives will unfold.  Live music, pre-recorded sound-scapes and story telling, combined with special effects and animations will build into an unforgettable experience.

In developing our themes, we immerse ourselves in local history and culture.  We explore the natural landscape and look at images of the nature and environment.

Our story and treatment will be appropriate to the Castle Hill location.  Subtlety is our key.  Our intervention will not intrude upon the landscape, but will complement what is already present there.

Within the walk, we create high excitement contrasting with moments of peace and calmness.  There are times when the participants will be carried-away by the magic, or inspired by the spectacle.  Equally important are those quiet moments for reflection and tranquility.

A huge number and variety of performers will be used - both professional and amateur, local and national.

As well as the performers, the event is heavily dependent on the efforts of  volunteers to provide the infrastructure - in most cases these will be local people.

In all aspects of LightQuest events, we seek to maintain the highest standards of excellence.  The event is unique in the way it combines artistic integrity and style with a sound ecological base.

For Health & Safety reasons, we will illuminate the entire route.  This is done using a variety of visual and technical treatments.  The sight of the route 'snaking' out into the distance provides a very special piece of magic in itself.

As with previous LightQuest events, we will use our highly-identifiable style of illuminated hill figures as a back-drop.  This provides a fantastic element of spectacle.  When combined with musicians, and lit by flaming-torch bearers, the unfolding of these huge figures is breathtaking.  The lanterns are then extinguished, and the image disappears back into the darkness.  This cycle of lighting and extinguishing is then repeated throughout the evening of the event, for all to see.

The many hundreds of performers involved will encompass a variety of musical styles, ranging from ethnic and folk to classical.  Solo musicians, drumming troupes, didgeridoos, skiffle band, harpists, chamber orchestra and even a full choir, will provide an eclectic catalogue of performances.

Drama will be provided with medieval re-enactment performers, archers and falconers alike.  Lighting animations and pre-recorded sounds will provide us with magical and mystical fantasy images.

Everybody in the Dreamwalk audience is encouraged to enter into the spirit of the event, by bring along their own torches and lanterns.  The sight of many hundreds of illuminated people, moving through the landscape at night, will be awe inspiring.

Dreamwalk provides a magical journey  for all those that take part, both audience and performers alike.

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