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What is special about this particular event?

The Fortescue Estate at Castle Hill, Filleigh is not normally open to the public

For most people, this will be the only time that they will ever be able to explore the wonders that exist within the grounds of this lovely house

Even without the LightQuest experience, the grounds are a very special and magical place.  Dreamwalk will enhance the experience beyond belief

The formal gardens contain beautiful examples of classical sculpture and mysterious folly-type buildings, along with a castle, triumphal arch and extensive water features

The grounds contain hundreds of interesting rare and old trees and plants

The views from the hill-tops are spectacular, as the grounds encompass some of the highest hills for miles around.  On a clear day, from Oxford Down (200m above sea level), you can see Exmoor in the north-east, Dartmoor in the south, and past Barnstaple to Lundy Island in the west.  These views are breath-taking and Dreamwalk will enable you to spend as long as you like admiring the scenery

The 18th-century French-inspired architecture and formal gardens are a unique part of our national heritage

At Shallowford on the estate, is the house where Henry Williamson lived.  It's 25 years since his death, and 75 years since he wrote 'Tarka the Otter'.  Local people say that otters can again be seen on the river Bray that runs right through the estate.

Castle Hill is a national treasure - enjoy it whilst you have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


How long are the walking routes?
Dreamwalk has been designed with two different walking routes. You may take any or all of these, as you see fit.  The 'discovery trail' is around 5km (3 miles) long and will be accessible by adults and children alike.  It does include some steeper sections, but provided we have not had heavy rain, these will not be treacherous, as much of this route is along established footpaths and paved roadways.  The 'explorer trail' is longer and more demanding at around 9km (6 miles). 


Can I deviate from the walk?
No - the walking routes are clearly marked and you should stay on them at all times  This will minimise erosion and environmental impact.  Some areas adjacent to the route would be unsafe for you to explore in the dark.  The grounds include many irreplaceable pieces of sculpture and architecture, so you should try not lean-against, stand-on or walk-through any off-limits areas.  There are a number of large flatter areas though, where you may sit down, play games, have picnics and enjoy the surroundings.  These will be clearly marked out, and will be overseen by event-guides for your safety and convenience.  The performance, fair, market and bar areas will also provide you with an opportunity to take a break from walking if you are getting tired.  The estate is very large, and the walk routes are mainly on private tracks and paths


What should I wear?
On your feet - boots or stout walking shoes.  Wellington boots won't be necessary unless the event is cursed with a long preceding period of heavy rain

Although Dreamwalk is being held in the summer, it does often get cold as darkness falls.  Whilst you might stay warm when you are walking, you could well feel the cold when you stop to view attractions and performances - so come prepared

If it is likely to rain, then bring protective clothing and a folding umbrella - you can always leave it in the car

Hopefully, the weather will again be warm, like the 2002 event - where many people got right the way around wearing t-shirts and training shoes


What if it rains?
The event will go ahead, come rain or shine, so please bring appropriate clothing.  There will be no refunds available on the grounds of bad weather.  As our audience capacity is limited, tickets for the first day will NOT be valid for the second day.  If there is rain during the event, there will be a number of covered areas where you can seek temporary refuge


Is food and refreshment available?
YES - there will be a large range of high-quality and interesting hot and cold food and drinks available.  Licensed bars will be supplying alcoholic drinks at a number of points on the route.  You are welcome to bring picnics, but it really won't be necessary, although you may like to pack a blanket.  Food and drink prices charged by the concessions will be pre-agreed with the event organisers, so you will not be ripped-off


There will be plenty of refuse bins around the site - please use them - the beauty of the grounds and the local wildlife will suffer if you don't.  Please respect that this is a special place.  If you can't find a bin, please take your litter home with you


Can I bring the children?
Yes - families with children are actively encouraged.  Many of the attractions will have content and themes that school-age children will readily understand and enjoy.  Prams are not suitable for a walk of this nature, but fold-up-type 'buggies' will be useable on some of the route.  If the children need to be 'entertained' then the vintage fairground and market areas will provide opportunities for respite from the walking.  If children get lost, then there is a lost-persons point


Is this event suitable for the disabled?
Yes - we have specifically designed parts of this event so that disabled, elderly and infirm people can still take part and have a wonderful evening.  

A limited number of spaces on specially-adapted mini-buses will be available on each night for the wheelchair-bound and those with restricted mobility.  These buses will pick up from a special car-park, and take participants to see selected highlights along the route.  Those that are able enough, will be able to get on and off the bus at a number of stops along the route.  Unfortunately, it won't be possible for those with wheelchairs to get on and off, but the buses will stop for an extended period so that the wheelchair-bound can enjoy the full son-et-lumiere finale from the bus.

As these place numbers are limited, you will need to book these tickets specifically through the North Devon Hospice on 01271 344248.  Each disabled ticket also admits an accompanying carer free of charge.


Can I bring Pets?
No - except for guide-dogs for the blind, please don't bring any pets with you.  The walk and grounds are not suitable, and you won't be allowed in.  Please don't leave pets in vehicles in the car park either - it's summer-time and the weather may well be hot.  The estate includes working dairy farms and we ask you to respect the bio-security issues this implies


In the interests of promoting public transport and car-sharing, we will ask all car-drivers for a donation of 1 per vehicle, which will go directly to the North Devon Hospice appeal.  Please have your parking money ready, so that queues are avoided.  All car parks are provide by the event organisers, and will be clearly marked.  Please do NOT park on the road-side as you will be towed-away by the police.  Please do not park in other fields or gateways, as you may well find an angry farmer on your return.  Car parks will be lit and marshalled, but security is your responsibility - so don't leave valuables in your car and hide anything that could be a temptation to an opportunist thief.  The event organisers cannot be held responsible for theft from, or damage to vehicles whilst in the car parks


How do I get there?
From Barnstaple - take the A361 (North Devon link-road) eastwards (towards Tiverton and South Molton).  After a few miles you will reach the North Aller / Little Chef roundabout, where you will see direction signs and marshals, who will guide you to the Dreamwalk car parks.

Please do follow the event signs, and don't try and get to Filleigh using the 'old' A361 route through Landkey and Swimbridge - you will only get turned back, as this road will be partially closed for the duration of the events.

From the M5 junction 27 - take the A361 (North Devon link road) westwards (towards Tiverton, South Molton & Barnstaple).  After you pass the South Molton junctions, turn left at the North Aller / Little Chef round-about, and follow the Dreamwalk signs and marshals to the car-park

From Exeter - take the M5 north and at junction 27 follow the instructions detailed above.  The A377 from Exeter to Barnstaple via Crediton is a scenic alternative, but you should allow an extra hour, as it is a slow and winding road.

From South Molton - take the main road (B3226) towards Barnstaple.  After about a mile, you will be directed left towards Filleigh, where signs and marshals will guide you to the car parks.

From Ilfracombe and the North Devon Coast - take the A399 southwards from Blackmoor Gate.  When you reach the North Aller / Little Chef roundabout at the A361 junction, go straight across and follow the signs and marshals who will guide you to the car parks.

Special arrangements will be provided for registered disabled vehicles.  Please follow the disabled signs as directed.

Click here to see a North Devon road-map


Public transport
Sadly, the railway line that used to pass through the Filleigh estate was removed in the 1960s, and now the A361 'link road' runs along much of the former track-bed - including the huge new viaduct that crosses the North-Eastern end of the Castle Hill grounds.  There's even a hidden tunnel that remains....

There is however still a railway line from Exeter to Barnstaple, and from there you can take a bus/taxi (around 15) to Filleigh,  but there is no chance of a train back until the following day, as the last Exeter-bound trains leave Barnstaple not long after 21:00 in the evening. 

There are frequent bus services from Tiverton, Wiveliscombe, South Molton and Barnstaple that pass near Filleigh.  This is a bank-holiday weekend, so please check timetables with the bus operator first.


The nearest towns are South Molton, Barnstaple and Tiverton, although larger towns like Exeter, Taunton and Wellington are all less than an hour away.

Camp-sites, hotel and bed-and-breakfast accommodation are plentiful in the Exmoor and North Devon area, so you could go to the North Devon, South West Tourism or North Devon Accommodation web-sites for information.  Sorry, there are NO camping facilities on the site, and over-night stays in the car-parks are strictly not permitted


Can I take photographs?
YES - LightQuest provides a very special opportunity for creative photographers.  Photography and video taking is actively encouraged.  Be prepared to bring low-light film (minimum 400ASA) and a tripod, for best effect.  Generally, you should avoid using the flash on your camera for best night-time outdoor photography.  After the event, there will be a competition to find the best photographs.  However, you must respect that that the LightQuest name, Dreamwalk event concept and logo are the property of LightQuest SouthWest and are protected in law.  Therefore, you may take photographs and videos for your own private purposes, but you must NOT use photographs and videos from the event for any commercial purposes, nor should they be distributed or published without prior permission from LightQuest SouthWest.  This years event will introduce some amazing new special effects, not seen before in the South West


There will be a range of souvenir merchandise on sale - all of which will be contributing to the fund-raising activities of the North Devon Hospice.  Event programmes and site maps will be available.  We are hoping that a book detailing the history of the house, grounds and family will be available in time for this event.  You should also be able to purchase T-shirts and hats (hopefully), umbrellas (hopefully not) and other LightQuest / Dreamwalk memorabilia including photographs, badges and CDs etc.


What time does the event start and end?
This is an evening event, where the transition from daylight to dark is crucial to getting the best effect from the attractions.  In late August, it gets dark around 21:30.  You will have purchased tickets with a specific start-time printed on them.  Start-times will be from 19:30 to 21:30.  You should plan to arrive at the time printed on your ticket, as large numbers of people arriving late will only cause congestion, queues and, ultimately, missed attractions.  

There are several highlight attractions that will run continuously throughout the event.  You will be able to enjoy all of these, regardless of your start-time.  Be sure not to miss the spectacular son-et-lumiere finale at the end of the route!

The main event performances should all be finished before midnight, but you may leave at any time you like.  For security and health & safety reasons, the grounds will be cleared by security at 01:00, so please do not hang around too long after midnight.  Licensed bars will be closed promptly at midnight, although some food concessions will remain open until 01:00


Can I get tickets 'on the day'?
NO - you must buy your tickets in advance.  The overwhelming success of the 2002 event means that we have to restrict numbers for health and safety reasons.  There will be no Dreamwalk tickets on sale at Castle Hill


The organisers reserve the right to change the content of this event without notice


Can I hire Castle Hill?
YES - parts of the house and grounds are available for 'special' weddings, conferences and corporate hospitality events.  

Luxurious overnight accommodation and delicious food is also available for those who wish to afford an experience of the highest possible quality and attention to detail.  

For further details you can visit the web-site or email or telephone 01598 760421


Please enjoy yourself.....remember to take only photographs and memories / leave only footprints
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