Sponsorship and corporate support


The LightQuest 2003 Dreamwalk event at Castle Hill provides numerous opportunities for business sponsorship.

During this event, over 20,000 people are expected to have spent at least 2-3 hours in and around the Castle Hill site.  The audience profile consists of an extremely diverse range of ages and interests from a complete cross-section of society.  There really is no 'typical' LightQuest attendee!

All LightQuest events have high media potential, and attract both local and national interest.

A consistent theme across all LightQuest events is that of high standards of production and artistic integrity, combined with sound ecological and ethical practices.

There will be high-profile celebrity associations to maximise the impact and appeal of the event.

Sponsorship may be in the form of any of the following :-

Donations of cash

Direct association with the major attractions at the event - these include

Firework finale  
Spectacular water screen projections  
Monumental architectural projections  
Creatures of the night scene  
Illuminated trails  
Medieval re-enactment and castle scene  
Illuminated and flaming hill figures  
Bars and hospitality  
Traditional funfair rides  
Other merchandise, traders and concessions  

Donations of products for use within the event - these include

Fuel - for vehicles and lanterns Wooden stakes Paint Lanterns
Material for costumes Rope Cable ties Toilet rolls
Office stationery Tarpaulins Light bulbs Refuse bins
Tools Signs Cable  

Donations of business services - right now we need

Scaffold & scaffolders Programme printing Marquees & tents Carpenters
Fencers & fencing Mini-buses Electricity Generators Hedge & grass cutters
Tractors & trailers 4x4s and pick-ups Water bowsers Publicity
Horse boxes Toilets Caravans Quad-bikes
Chain-saws Digger Painters Electricians
Fork-lift / telehandler Waste disposal    

Taking advertising space in the event programme

Pledges of ongoing support for the Hospice

These are by no means the only ways your organisation can help the event.  If you think that you have a great idea for our mutual benefit, then we want to hear from you.

Don't delay though - as a direct result of last years successful event, some of the most desirable sponsorship opportunities have already be snapped up.

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