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My friend Paul Merrell recently sent me a link to a really heavy-rock/country cross-over track called She's Country - by Jason Aldean (who coincidentally I had previously discovered via Satellite country radio stations whilst touring in the Colorado mountains a couple of years ago).

I just had to have a crack at this one.  The version here isn't finished - I need to do some further mixing and production work.  Actually I'd like to get Mr Merrell to do some acoustic guitar on the intro, and stick a solo in the middle section soon.  Would like to re-do my vocals too if I get time.

Despite it not being finished, I'm really quite please at how this one rocks.  De-tuned guitars (to C#) was a bit new to me.  Possibly the first time I've ever really turned up the volume and made my recorded bass sound really growl.  Thank-you Glenn made me soooo funky.

Credit is due to Danny Myrick and Bridgette Tatum for writing the song - thanks - I really enjoyed recording this.  Apologies for the extended middle section - inspired unwittingly by what I now remember as the main riff in an old 70's Budgie song called 'Rocking Man' (so I suppose more credit is due to messrs Shelley, Bourge and Phillips - some more of my teenage heroes)

Watch out for a video too, coming vain is that?

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She's Country

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