Paul M Bryant - Project Manager / Stage Manager / Producer

I have been involved in creating and managing 'right first time / only time' events and projects for many years now.  There have been two main threads to this sort of activity -

Information Technology
  • Planning, resourcing and implementing new roll-outs of software, hardware and network infrastructure
  • Creating and implementing support and maintenance procedures and documentation
  • Training and mentoring operational support teams, and managing 3rd parties
  • Stage-Managing significant change events to minimise disruption to service provision
  • Music concerts and theatrical productions
  • Product launches and conferences
  • Large-scale, outdoor son-et-lumiere, multi-media and arts events, in the community and commercial sectors
  • Producing audio recording and scripting/filming/editing promotional videos

In all these scenarios, some common requirements almost always feature -

These matters might appear to be obvious, on reading them here in a list  - but so often, event or project failures can be directly attributed to not understanding their importance.

I am particularly experienced taking-on projects which require the integration of IT and Multi-Media content.  I relish the challenge of achieving success where the track record to-date has been perhaps 'less than the required standard' - I enjoy undertaking difficult scenarios, and implementing 'things that maybe haven't been done before'.  I'm also adept at creating mock-ups and proof-of-concept scenarios, for evaluation, prior to full-scale implementation.

I am always ready and willing to facilitate creative, lateral thinking from everybody in the team.

Over the years, I have always appreciated the extent to which the factors above have contributed to my own successful projects and events.  I am always loyal, reliable, credible, tenacious and open minded - because, for me, failure is not an option.

For those that seek the reassurance of using formal methodologies, I willingly work within Prince2 Project Management guidelines and, where appropriate, I naturally encompass ITIL Service Management principles.

If you think that I might have the attitude and experience to assist with making your project a success, please make contact with me - now.