Paul M Bryant - Sound Engineer

For most of my adult life, I have built, configured, specified, owned and operated PA systems and recording equipment.

  • Small sound reinforcement systems - conferences, meetings, outdoor sports events
  • Band and performer systems - 'speaker on a stick and a mixer amp'
  • Full-blown, multi-way professional PA systems, with fold-back, digital mixers, external effects, wireless microphones and in-ear monitoring
  • Installation systems - pubs & restaurants, tourist attractions, art galleries etc.
  • Recording studios and mobile location sound recording
  • Mixing and production - music and video soundtracks, dialogue and special effects
  • Dubbing to video
  • Compiling CD and DVD
  • Home audio-visual and multi-media
  • Acoustic room treatments
  • Sound-desk mixing - Front-of-house, monitors, and post-production


It's difficult to show much by way of relevant, 'formal' qualifications in these topics. but I have a long and broad track-record here, with many recordings, videos and other supporting materials to show for it.

My real strength is in knowing quite a bit about the peripheral technologies - video, lighting, MIDI, DMX, power-supply, radio-frequency, data networking, computing - and being able to integrate these disparate components into reliable, performant, complete systems.

Please call me for help, advice and quotes - press the 'contact' button below for details on how to get hold of me.